Hi, I’m Lucy! I am a 22-year old Londoner and recent History graduate from Cambridge University.
After blogging for six years over at Teen Baker, and graduating from a year at Leiths School of Food and Wine with a Professional Diploma, I upped and moved to Cambridge to start my degree. Student life at Cambridge for me meant a uni kitchen. Which meant I didn’t have an oven, the hob had a health and safety function so turned off every seven minutes, the door automatically locked behind me and the out of reach window overlooked the car park. There was just about room for two people inside, but it helps if you know each other pretty well. Nevertheless, I was determined to keep cooking! Being without an oven was a struggle for my baking obsessed, unrivalled sweet tooth self, but it inspired me to begin Cook by Degrees to chart my efforts, and I’m still continuing now even back home in a kitchen with an oven.
Also, whilst I get over excited planning my meals and can read Nigella endlessly,  I get that not all students feel this way. Having recently taught my best friend here how to make cornflake cakes, I know that we need simple, easy but still delicious food. So I am hoping that Cook by Degrees can inspire other kitchen-strapped students to get cooking!

I set up Teen Baker on a whim when I was 13 and have enjoyed blogging ever since. Having this little piece of the blogosphere is still so exciting to me and really motivates me to keep cooking and trying new things and Cook by Degrees marks a whole new chapter. I love interacting with fellow bloggers, discovering beautiful and mouthwatering new blogs and chatting to my readers. This blog is my way to share recipes with a wider audience, find new inspiration, talk to other fantastic bloggers, practice my food photography and writing and bake as much as possible. I will document all my successes and failures in the kitchen and build up a collection of all the recipes I have tried. I hope you enjoy reading and find something that makes you hungry!